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iPad Air online bestelling en afhalen in de winke.

I’m not satisfied with switch service Because I buy the iPad online .. that said I can pick up in one shop that have the iPad Air generation 4 blue .  I place the order and paid it and I received the e Mail .. that unclear to said when I can pick up .. ( have no date when I can pick or how long do octave to wait ) but when I the website of said there is the iPad Air in 1 winkel that could meant I can just paid and pick up the next day .. so what happen to me is that I go to switch shop at Antwerp theatre. With my e mail from the order .  To pick up my iPad Air but there is not iPad for me .and staff who work there said to That  I have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks to get my iPad . But why in the website said there is 1 iPad Air in the shop !? That I could just paid and pick it up .  Is make me not happy about it because I need to use them . And I buy it because they said there is 1 iPad in the shop that I could just pick it up . But when I get there today I have to wait for 2 weeks.. what is this!? Then I look up again in the website now today 11/01/2021 10:45am  there still 1 iPad Air generation 4 blue WiFi that I was ordered from 3 day ago .  What is this mean!? I hope switch fix something fir me fast .. because this not a good way and is very not happy about it .. I expect that switch companies could be very fast service and good service But what I got now it is not what I expect it at all  

anyone have the same problem like I have !? With switch company. Please comment in it and I will correct all the comments and I would Kinects know what can we do about  it 

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Hello, I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't get your order from the Switch company. Unfortunately I found a number of complaints on our website that were filed with this company. So I advise you to do the same, do file a complaint through our Complaint box by means of the following link: or feel free to call our lawyers for advice on the direct number 025423434 (every working day till 5pm, fridays till 4pm). :) ^An